iPod formatted site

are there any plans in the future for an iPod formatted version of lingq? I know there is ilingq but that is for paying users.

No, there are no plans for a mobile version of the website, if that is what you are asking. We will likely continue to improve iLingQ and at some point would like to add apps for other mobile platforms.

I’m saving up for one a smartphone to replace my dimphone. I’m looking forward to see if iLingQ works on it, and if so, what it actually does :wink:

One of the drawbacks of the dimphone is that it doesn’t display Russian characters. So although I can receive Skype messages on it, I can’t tell who they are from, nor, if the message is in Russian, what it says. This also proves to be a bit of a bummer in terms of reviewing my Russian LIngQs of the day.

Smartphones, however, apparently understand that sometimes some people want to read foreign languages.