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My iphone 4 just updated lingQ and now it doesn’t let me sign in!

“Could not log in Please check your user name and password”

I’m having the same issue on the iPhone and iPad. Website is fine. What’s frustrating is all my lessons in my playlists will have to be added back in and there is no bulk way to do so.

I’ve just faced the same situation! What happens?

Same problem for me.

I can log in now which is great. However, I still get the unable to load dictionary error I posted about recently. I was hoping the next app update would fix this. It really limits the effectiveness of the app on ipad or iphone because most times I need to do a manual google translate lookup.

It’s working this morning.

I had the same problem last night, but as most of you seem to be finding today, all is well today! I’m so pleased as I rely on my LingQ app a great deal for lessons.


Sorry everyone! We had a problem with the log in on the iOS app yesterday. The issue should be resolved now.

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Can you describe the unable to load dictionary error you are referring to? What triggers this error? Any other info you can provide will help thanks.

It’s the “unable to load dictionary at this time” error on ipad or iphone. I have iPhone 4S and ipad 2 Running ios7. It happens nearly every time I want to search with google translate as my dictionary. Switching to the Diki dictionary works on most occasions but I prefer google. I posted about this a few weeks ago. Cheers, Max

Sorry for the delay! We’re finalizing some updates in the latest build and hope to have it released soon. We checked again and it should include a fix for this, so once the new version is up please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

Friends, if you need betatesters for new versions of LingQ iPhone and iPad app, I’ll be glad to be on of them. In iOS 8 it’s simple now. TestFlight - Apple Developer

Sure, we’ll be in touch soon!

Nice! :slight_smile: My mail is mput@me.com.