Iphone IOS 7.1.2 (4S) won't work

I downloaded version 3.0.7 yesterday.
App wont load up at all after the first logging in
Just hangs on the the opening up page and then crashes.

I tried a re-install - same effect. :frowning:

Just so ya know…


Hmm, strange. It works on my iPhone. I have iOS 7.1.2, but I have an iPhone 5, so maybe that’s the difference.

Same here i tried to reinstall and nothing

What phone model and iOS version have you got?

Sorry for the trouble with this! We’re working on a fix for this issue and will have it present in the next version. In the meantime, another user said that logging out of the app then logging back in seemed to help, so you may want to give this a try!

Yep… looks like a good workaround. I un-installed the app, re-installed the app, signed in… used it, then signed out…
was able to sign in again later and use and sign out again.

Sounds good! Obviously a workaround isn’t ideal, so we’ll be sure to get this fixed soon :slight_smile:

I´ve got IOS8. Please i would like to know, do i have to wait until next IOS version for this to be fixed? Because in my case logging off everytime simply doesnt work: i have everyday 1 hour metro to work and i use my lingq there reviewing my playlist on offline mode with iphone, and is impossible to Log in being offline.

Ive being unable to use lingq on phone for already a month: before saved playists didnt load, now is just full app which doesnt load.

I dont like to complain about lingq, because i really love it, i love the app, specially with the new improves the team is constantly making, but understand that you are now leaving many users without any option to use them. Thats why i really want to know if this can get fixed soon, or if i must wait some time again to the next version.

Thank you

We’re really sorry for the trouble with this. The main problem here, and what makes it much more difficult to develop for iOS than for Android, is that when we submit an updated version to the App Store, it can take anywhere from 5-15 days for it to be approved. We submitted a new version on Monday and requested an expedited review so the new version could be approved more quickly. However, Apple rejected our app yesterday. They rejected it for something that hadn’t changed in the last 5 versions, but all of a sudden decided is now an issue, so we are fixing this and will upload a new version again and hope that it is accepted soon.

Android is much nicer, since Google just allows you to upload new versions when they are ready, and the apps appear storewide within a matter of hours, so you can make an urgent fix, upload a new version, and have it live for everyone within the day. With iOS, unfortunately, so much of it is then out of our control, and it can take up to two weeks for a new version with fixes to be approved.

I really can’t give you a timeline as to when the new app will be ready, but I can let you know that the issue has been fixed and now we’re just trying to get Apple to approve the new version.

I see it´s been fixed. congratulations to the team to do it in quick time. Finally can come back to use LINGQ as normally. Thanks

A new version of the app has now been approved, so please download this new version which includes a fix for the startup crash.