iPhone app - Flashcards in Russian only have the first seven letters of each word


I’ve recently returned to using the iPhone app, and have noticed that each word in the flashcards is chopped off at seven letters, and of course a lot of Russian words are longer than that! I can’t recall having this problem before and these days I use the iPad app a lot more which doesn’t have this problem.

Am I doing something wrong? I didn’t see any other posts about this problem…


Sorry about that. We are already familiar with this issue, and we’ve submitted a new version which is awaiting approval which includes a fix for this
Sorry once again and thanks for reporting this!

Yes I have this problem. It is new to me today, so something has changed overnight. Earlier I reported that the iPhone App was breaking words in the middle, so that a long word would appear on 2 lines instead of one. Alex told me that a fix was on the way. If this is the fix, it is a disaster! It’snot just that only the first seven letters of the word appear. All areas of the front of the flashcard are affected, such that there seems to be a word or letter limit to every aspect - word, hint, and phrase. So, for example, the word being explained might not all appear at the top of the card (letter count), and in many instances when you read the contextual phrase at the bottom of the card you’ll find that the word being contextualised does not actually appear if it occurs towards the end of the phrase, presumably because the word or letter limit has already been reached.

oh, right, thanks Zoran - I only saw your reply just now. Please bear in mind, if you didn’t already know, that the problem affects all areas of the card. Cheers!

I have the same problem in English flashcards. Hope it will be solved soon.

Just a heads up that a fix for this will be included in our newest update, which is currently waiting approval from Apple!