iPhone App Error Cannot Update Status

I have used the newest version of the iphone app without issue until a few days ago. The app connects without any problems, I can listen to the audio and view lessons, but if I go through flashcards the app cannot update Lingq status.

I am getting the following message: “Status Could not be updated to server, please try again”.

Any suggestions? My connection is fine and I have restarted the phone.

same here. please fix.

Thank you for pointing out these problems geoseo, and as usually we will do our best to resolve this problem. It is is also useful to hear that others have a similar problem milan, although I should point out that “please fix” has no influence on how quickly we can get at these issues.

I have the same problem with the ‘status updated to server’. Also the Ilingq app seems to just crash some as well when trying to load.

Steve/Mark I totally love the ideal of the app, it makes it very easy for me to use ‘wasted’ time to run over some flashcards. Another great view from Lingq.

The updating issue for the iPhone app is now fixed. Let us know if you still have problems with it. @keithbc - the app does occasionally crash although it is not just our app that seems to do this on my device. The platform seems to be a bit unstable.

Works great on my end. Thanks Mark. It’s a great app.