Iphone app doesnt work

After so Many updated And improves i thought that this new versión for IOS would be Good. But still having many problems with it.

-playlists dissappear suddenly all the time, if at least i could have access to last lessons, Because i spend a lot of time looking for them in the courses.

-sometimes courses wont load, typical message no lessons in this course

-many times the lingqs or Specially the blue new words doesnt load at all. Often i can open the lesson But i cant créate any lingqs Because blue words are not shown.

Please i hope it can be fixed Because last months ive got the feeling i spend more time creating playlists , And waiting if blue words will appear than actually learning my language.

However still loving lingq , please keep up the good work.


Thank you for the feedback on the app!

The first issue is a tricky one, but it is on our list and is something we are aiming to fix in the the next couple of updates…

The second and third sound like they are related to an internet connection issue. If you notice either of these happening, would you swipe down on the page to refresh it and see if that helps?

Please note that blue words don’t show in offline mode, so you will need to be connected to the internet in order to see the hints for these words. If you’re connected to the internet and they’re still not showing, please let us know!

yes the conection is good, lingq works good from computer with the same connection but not the iphone app, also i cant make a blue word as known directly. the system doesnt allow it and i must create and lingq and then select number 4 in order to make a word known

When you say you can’t make a blue word known, do you mean that tapping the check mark on the blue popup isn’t working?

By the way, in our next update we’re going to be updating the design of the blue popup, so this should hopefully help make it easier to mark words as known or remove them.