iPhone App crashes on opening

Since there were no LingQs for yesterday and I didn’t want to focus on todays I opted for listening through the app. I had the really, really bad idea to update it first - like many others I had had problems getting logged out all the time and I had read earlier that the problem was fixed.

Now, I no longer have problems logging in. Once the logo shows the app crashes. Rebooting the iPhone didn’t help. Reinstalling helped for about 5 seconds. And I promptly get logged out again. And, of course, my playlists are lost once again. Which doesn’t make all that much difference when I can’t access them anyway.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.1.1

And please don’t tell me to upgrade to iOS 8. Not only won’t I look kindly on any system that forces me to upgrade, I also have one app that simply won’t work on iOS 8.

Hello Deahna,

We are sorry to hear that the app seems to be crashing for you.

Which courses are you currently studying and are you referring to the LingQ app, when you are talking about updating? A few users had similar issues, but we believe they were fixed with the latest app update. Please provide some more information on the issue, so I can forward your details to our app developers to hopefully resolve your issue quickly.


Yes, of course I’m referring to the LingQ app which I updated because of the log in-problems.

I’m now running 3.5.2 on iOS 7.1.1.

I’m studying Swedish with courses I created myself on beginner level 2. Which shouldn’t have any bearing on the subject as such, I’ve been studying my own courses almost from the beginning.

Please do get this solved. The app was already near-useless before because I could no longer study when I didn’t have 3G or WiFi (and on the underground that’s the rule rather than the exception).