iPhone 5

It does’t work on iPhone 5, ios6

What doesn’t work? The iLinqQ app or the web page (which part)?

@ den_m - We have just uploaded a new version to iTunes for approval. Unfortunately, the new version will take a few days to be approved and then pushed to the app store. Sorry about this. It was a strange bug that worked fine in the testing environment both for us and iTunes, who also test the app before approving it. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will let you know as soon as it has been approved in the app store.

@keke - It’s the iphone app that crashes.

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@keke - I mean iLinq app for iPhone. When i try to open app, i just can see the green screen with LingQ logo. Next moment app close.
The problem apeared after i have installed new version of app.

I also cannot use iPhone app. And it is very frustrating since it is more comfortable to learn lingqs on iPhone.
In my case app just quits on start. It doesn’t start even if I completely shutdown app and try to start it again.
I use iPhone4 with latest iOS.

A new version of the iPhone app has been submitted to the iTunes store. As soon as the new version is approved it will be available and will open properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.