Ipad or other tablet style computer for lingq?

I am thinking about buying myself a tablet computer (ipad or something similar) to use with lingq - even though my laptop is mobile, it is rather unhandy to read from as well as selecting lingqs and so on, unless you don’t mind sitting hours on end at a desk studying. I prefer learning from the couch, so i am guessing that something that is closer to a book in format and weight would be much nicer to work with.
The question is this: is anyone using a tablet PC with lingq, and how is it working for you? I can imagine that it is harder to select new words from a touchpanel, as well as the screen could be too small to read from for a long time.
If anyone has some experience with using tablets for lingq, is there any tablet in particular you would recommend?

Thanks from a lazy learner :wink:

  • Thomas

Tablet Pc - no, but I have recently bought a 10" netbook and it makes LingQing a lot easier. I am typing this while lounging on the sofa :wink:

12" netbooks apparently are usually much higher spec but they also cost more. I had a budget of £250 max.

Thomas, I hope you won’t mind me using your topic to ask lingq team something about lingq and tablets :).

Since making lingqs doesn’t work on my phone that runs android (flashcarding and other things work well), does that means that lingquing also wouldn’t work on tablets running android? If it is so, I hope it’s gonna change soon, since there are some quite interesting android tablets coming up. :slight_smile:

@Aineko - We hope to eventually enable the site to work on all devices or have an app for the majority of handheld devices like Android. However, at the moment I can’t tell you how it will work on an Android tablet since I’ve never seen one. It should mostly work I would imagine but on the iPad the LingQing is not as smooth as it could be.

Thanks mark. It’s not like I’ve seen one yet either, but I’m waiting for Adam and the miraculous promises of Pixel Qi displays :slight_smile: and the idea of being able to lingq on the balcony under the full sunlight (or even on the beach 8) ) just seemed fantastic! :slight_smile:

I recently bought a tablet and installed the Lingq app for android; when I try to listen to a lesson, I get a message: Premium feature, to listen to your lessons upgrade your membership at LingQ.
What exactly is the plan than enables the use of the android app?

I bought a MS Surface with a Keyboard. Haven’t tried it out yet on LingQ because my wife says I have to wait til Christmas…

@mfr - All paid plans give you full access from the Android app.

@spatterson - We will be curious to hear how you find the Surface and how LingQ works on it. I have yet to actually see one!

I just purchased an ipad 4. LingQ works fine. Without this tablet, I wouldn’t be reading as much, as I am stuck in front of a PC all day at work. It’s nice to sprawl out on the sofa, and the ipad provides a different browsing experience. If you do use it to LingQ, I would get a pen. I also notice that the vocab cards tend to be a big more sluggish on the tablet.

Now I’ve upgraded to a basic plan and can already listen to the sound files in the tablet. Yes, I agree a pen can be useful.
I’ve noticed however that when I go through lingqs, there is no option to listen to the words alone, (or am I missing something?) which is a feature we have in the lingq site. Is this a feature you might include in the near future?

@mfr - We are looking at adding text-to-speech in the Android app, but it is a bit tricker than it is on the iOS app. Just be sure to keep your app up to date and hopefully it should be there in an upcoming version.

That’s great, Alex! :slight_smile:

I have to say that I got tired of sitting in front of my laptop as well. The Android app was crap up until the very last update so I shied away from lingq for a while. The update makes things work well enough for your lessons you have already been studying but for exploring new lessons… Hmm?
However the main device I use daily is a Nexus 7 tablet. Recently I’ve been playing around with lingq (using the chrome Web browser) on the tablet and it works perfectly. I can’t complain. This is due in part I believe to some of the mods made in lingq 2.0. It was very nicely done. I’m back to studying using this site again since I don’t have to tie myself to the laptop.

I recently bought an iPad 4 too and would love to see Lingq optimised for it.

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@RickyRuffcutt - Glad to hear that you like the new update to the Android app, and it’s good to have you back :slight_smile:

@JerseyMark - We’ll continue to improve the experience on the iPad and other tablets. You may also want to take a look at our iLingQ app (‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages on the App Store), as it should be easier to review through the app than on the site when on your iPad.

Hi Alex! Thanks very much for the link and your feedback. :slight_smile: