iPad keep streak notification: very wrong

I currently have a 109 day streak and just finished about 88 linqs with a daily goal of 25, only to see this alert telling me to extend my streak to 5! days.

Yeah, I get that too. It’s just one of those things on LingQ that just never seems to work right, along with the “Notifications”, the search function, the column/table views of the “Recently Added” sections of “My Imports” and “My Lessons” and how certain combinations of words/phrases you just can’t lingq.

For me personally, I’ve just accepted it, but hope one day all will be right with the world and I appreciate that others, such as yourself, the willing to be the lone voice in the wilderness crying out from time to time.

Thanks for reporting this . We will look into it.

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I should add that I have only noticed this on my iPad, not on the iPhone or the comptuer version.

I have a similar problem after I complete a lesson and it shows how many lingqs I made for the past 7 days. It says yesterday I made 199 lingqs but really I made 200. It shows correctly when I go to my profile and look at my statistics. But displays it wrong after completing a lesson. It’s not a huge problem at all, but I wonder if anyone else is seeing this.

It’s working properly as of today! It’s never done that! Thank you!

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