Ipad bug

I’m having an issue where I’m using LingQ on my iPad and the apple pencil. I have no idea if this caused by the apple pencil but randomly at some point the screen blinks and then the color highlights of the words get misaligned and well the whole thing becomes a bit of a mess and I have to quit out and restart. I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what’s triggering this but it happens often enough that it’s annoying although not so often that the app is unusable.

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As I wrote you in my reply on your email, our iOS developer is familiar with this problem which seems to exist in Korean only. He will look into it and we will get it fixed in the upcoming update to 5.0 version. Thanks for your patience.

Hi kraemder. I’ve been having this issue too, and reported it to the support team about a week ago. A way to temporarily fix it (that is easier than quitting/restarting) is to switch to sentence mode and back again. This works regularly for me, and I hope it works for you too.

By the way, I never use the apple pencil … so that is probably not the cause of this bug, and you shouldn’t set aside your pencil just to try to fix it!

I’ve noticed the bug with Japanese with furigana turned on (I don’t know if that last part matters) and your workaround isn’t working. I haven’t used this app to read Japanese much but I want to brush up on my Japanese. restarting the app isn’t helping either.

I noticed it with Japanese also. I turned furigana off and the problem still persists. I restarted the app and this page I’m reading in my book still won’t load properly.