Ipad and dictionaries

I don’t seem to be able to highlight the dictionary definition when I am using my ipad to make LingQs. I seem to recall being able to do this before. Has anything changed?

As a side note, when I choose to check the dictionary, only the Babble definition comes up. If I select another dictionary, nothing happens. This has always been the case though, so I just figured the dictionary popup wasn’t compatible with ipad.

Yes, it seems like something is different, I’m not sure if it is different because of LingQ or iOS version. It automatically has the cursor where you would type in the hint, so to be able to copy the definition, you now have to hit the button on the keyboard that hides the keyboard (don’t know if I explained that well).

For the popup, make sure Safari is not set up to block popups. Go to Settings → Safari → Block Pop-ups

Thanks, I think you’ve fixed me right up :slight_smile:

Great. :wink:

Thanks for helping solve this, Angela :slight_smile: We’ll keep this in mind if anyone else reports this issue!