IPA text to speech?

Does anyone know of any software that can read the international phonetic alphabet out loud?

I’ve never come across a program which will import IPA sentences and then output sound. Only pages which will show each letter like this one:

It would be quite a huge task to put together an engine which would read IPA text and output it into reasonable sounding audio. For starters, it would need to be narrow transcription, which is a difficult enough task on its own.

Sounds like a good PhD project for someone there.

Not me unfortunately because my programming really sucks :smiley:

Ah, next question:

Does anyone know of any dictionaries (in any language) with IPA transcriptions?

For English there are the Oxford and Cambridge advanced learners dictionaries. They offer broad transcriptions for standard British and American English, no other varieties though.

Well, the Macquarie dictionary is the best dictionary for Australian English and all words have IPA with the most common pronunciation plus a variant form when it’s common enough. The big Van Dale dictionaries have got IPA, for Dutch. My unabridged French Collins dictionary has it too. Not sure about other languages though I’d imagine it’s common for any decent dictionary. Perhaps some other members will provide some other information there.

Edit: I might add that Wiktionary is a good source for IPA transcription for other languages. It’s always there for the larger languages and most of the smaller ones.