iOS v5.5.5 (0): paging to known, why the change?

I very much liked how the app presented a list of new words for review and confirmation before moving to known when paging. The circled + sign next to the words was handy to create lingq new words if desired.

Now that’s gone. No prompt. Just moved to known. Why the change?


Go to your settings in Lingq and simply turn off that feature. Sometimes if there’s a new version of Lingq I’ve seen it reset your settings (not usually though). Or if you have re-installed it, that would certainly revert the settings back to that.

Unfortunately, all turning off “Paging moves to known” does is stop moving the words to known. That’s not what I’m referring to. I want to move words to known on paging, but I really liked the previous versions where a pop-up appeared with the list of words about to be moved, and I could confirm the list or create lingqs to individual words.

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Sorry, don’t know then. On my ipad I do have the list of word including blue words with + sign (in sentence mode). Is that what you’re referring to? Or is it when you change page it would list the blue words in addition on that pop up with the warning?

It was the case that upon advancing to the next page, if there were new words I had yet to mark as known or to have lingq’d, a popup would appear listing the new words. I had to acknowledge that list and allow the words to move to status known before I could begin reading the new page.

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That seems an interesting option, but I never saw it actually. I usually move to known every word when I turn pages but I’ve never seen the option to confirm. Is it in the settings?

Interesting. I don’t think I had noticed that before, but I usually use my android phone and pretty sure this isn’t available there (It also doesn’t list blue words with the plus on the regular sentence page either like the ipad does). I also usually only accidentally change page without changing all blue words beforehand.

I’m speculating here, but is it possible that you were new to the app when you saw this dialogue?
The description reads like the onboarding tutorial for new users was in progress.
It can be reactivated in the settings → App → Restart Tutorial.

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Not a new user. Long-time user. I use the web interface often, but I almost always start the day reading on my iPhone.