iOS TTS full of bugs


Just wanted to report that the TTS behaves in a very unusual way on iOS.

When a Web voice is selected, the voice reading individual sentences or the full text is not the same as the one reading out individual words, for example when clicking on LingQs or pressing the speaker icon in the vocabulary list in sentence mode. At the moment, I have a male voice reading full sentences and entire paragraphs, but a robotic female voice reading individual words.

When Web voice is deactivated in the settings, it keeps being used even if I have a premium local voice selected instead. Refreshing/logging back in doesn’t change anything.

Could you please look into this? Thank you.

Thanks, we will look into it.

Hi @SeoulMate !
You are right, the voicing of words has an issue on iOS, especially when not default voices are used. Local voice is used for some reason then.
Thank you for pointing out this! Be sure, it will be handled.

Hi Zoran, any news on that front yet? Thanks.

Do you still have the same problem now?

Yes. Problem still ongoing.