iOS jump to the next blue word after remove; time stamps eating last word

When I remove word (press Busket button), it automatically jumps to the next blue word. Even if I am in a sentence mode, it can jump to several pages forward and I don’t see it.
If I just add lingq, it doesn’t jump.

And other thing is when program places timestamps on sentences, it often „eats“ the last word, especially if it is small. So the last word is not in the current sentence when you listen sentence by sentence, for example. The next sentence starts normally

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

Hello. Have you done smth with that? The problem is still there on ipad. When you mark new or old word as known or delete it, it jumps to the next blue word. Usually it doesnt jump to the next page, except the sentence mode. Very annoying. Thanks)