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I’ve been using the app a lot recently again to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban in Korean. My Korean is maybe an A2 level (maybe a little below to be honest) so it’s super hard - over the past few years I read the previous Harry Potter books in Korean.

Anyway, I’ve found I would just love it if there were a sort of dual language option or parallel text option. I think the easiest way to implement this would be to add automatic translation to the sentence mode so you don’t have to press to have it translate and could maybe even toggle if you want the translation on top (first) or the original text.

Selecting text to copy and paste into other apps on iOS while doable could be improved. It cuts out all the punctuation, so I have to manually add it. Also, selecting multiple sentences or maybe not even multiple sentences but just getting it to keep selecting text after there is a period seems to be a no go. I have to copy and paste each sentence individually.

Highlighting and copying and pasting multiple words/sentences while in sentence mode is particularly frustrating. The window moves up and down and all over the place.

I know Steve is not a fan of parallel text reading but at my level it’s just so much nicer and easier on my brain to read it in English first and then the Korean. This is all because My Korean is high beginner as opposed to high intermediate. I wouldn’t ever read like this in Japanese or German for example because looking up individual words is more than enough.


Love the idea. Imho parallel texts are superior to dictionary lookups, which, more often than not, are either over or under inclusive (too many definitions or not the right one). Also, I find translations can reduce the cognitive load, which is already high, especially if one is at a beginning level.
The iOS/iPadOS app has recently gained the ability to edit sentences, this view already shows the translation (if available) below the source sentence. So I would imagine that an implementation that automatically shows the translation should be straightforward to implement.
An auto-translation mode would also be appreciated, I don’t know if that would run into some rate-limits with Google, hopefully not. Anyways, having to press the translate button for every sentence is a pain; this of course goes for the website as well, “shift-t” isn’t exactly ergonomic either.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! Honestly not sure if that’s something we will do in the near future, but I’ll pass your suggestion to our developers.

It reduces the cognitive load immensely. You can just jump into reading full length novels no problem. I’m just pressing the translation button all the time in sentence mode and this is pretty good but it would be even better if I didn’t have to press that button.

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