iOS Devices spaces between words for Chinese won’t turn off

Sorry if this has been flagged before, but when reading on my iPad or iPhone there are spaces between words that appear for Chinese even when that setting is turned off. It is fine on my browser / PC. I believe this has only shown up recently as I never noticed this before a couple of days ago.

Honestly this option should not even exist as it makes it much harder to read.


Having the same issue on iPhone. It does look like someone else has mentioned it before a few days ago, but I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. No issues on browser though, just iPhone.

I received an update to version 5.1.10 on Nov 29, pretty sure this is when this problem emerged. Already reported via mail and here: Japanese "Show Spaces Between Words" Can't Be Turned Off ...
Agreed, the setting could just go away, it does more harm than good.
By the way, the exact same issue exist on the web, just in another Chinese language - Cantonese. Also, all three Chinese languages started to show spaces on the “print page” a couple of months ago, try: Login - LingQ
Unfortunately LingQ development is currently hampered the situation in Ukraine, where the developers are primarily located, so I assume only the most critical of bugs will get attention.

I have the same prob with Japanese as well. On desk top, everything works fine. But not on iPhone.

Thanks for reporting! We are looking into the issue.

Yeah this is super annoying. Also dealing with it.