iOS crash when opening specific lesson

This evening I have had problems trying to open my Chinese lesson on the iOS app. I don’t know how to link to the lesson from the app, but I can edit it in once I’m at my desktop again. Edit: here it is: Login - LingQ

I got a few sentences into the lesson (maybe 15 or 20 seconds of audio time), when the app crashed and force-closed. The same has happened every time I tried opening the lesson again, even after rebooting my phone. I haven’t seen the same issue affecting other lessons/languages - yet, perhaps?

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

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Now the same thing is happening with today’s lesson. Perhaps the problem is opening a previously opened lesson? Thankfully, only in Chinese so far.

Just to follow up: today’s update seems to have fixed it. Thanks a lot!

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Yes, it’s fixed now. Thanks for confirming it! :slight_smile:

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