iOS bugs. Word frequncy, lesson stats, jumping to next unknown

I have found some issues, comparing to Android, that dont work in ios

  1. Word frequency, android vs IOS. In iOS there is nothing

  2. Lesson statistics after finishing
    As you see, iOS doesnt show you coins and words, that you have added in the same lesson. Android vs iOS
  3. other bug, that is still not fixed in iOS, that when you mark blue word straigh to known or to busket, it jumps by itself to the next blue word on the page. Very annoying

Are you talking about using Lingq in Safari or in the iOS app?

@vernmartin I am talking about IOS app

What version of the iOS app and OS are you running?

@vernmartin I have updated it today
And iPadOS 17.2

So what version of the app are you seeing when you are in the app?

@vernmartin i see LingQ v5.5.4 (0)

Has anyone seen my feedback? Developers?

We will investigate the issues you mentioned. Thanks.

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