iOS Bug: cursor moves when editing on app

I use the iPhone app (latest version of the app, iPhone 11) for all my reading and the ability to edit lessons there is greatly appreciated (especially when cleaning up AI-generated text), so thank you for that!

But there’s a bug.

When you tap ‘edit sentence’ and start editing, if the final line of that sentence goes over to a new line (i.e. because you are adding text to an earlier line which pushes all the subsequent text along), the cursor immediately moves to the very end of the sentence even if you are halfway through typing a word several lines up. This is quite frustrating because it often messes up the earlier text.

I have a video which shows the bug but it seems I can’t attach a video to this post. Anyway, it should be quite simple to recreate. Just edit a sentence and type text on one of the top lines until the bottom line spills over into a new line.

Thanks in advance for looking into it!

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.