iOS audio upload problem

Today, I’m having trouble uploading YouTube audio to iPhone. On Safari and Chrome, lesson scripts and audio are uploading fine. On iOS, however, lesson scripts are showing up, but audio is blank, with a dash instead of audio time. I’ve tried opening the files, closing the app opening the app, enabling/disabling/enabling downloads for playlists and I get nothing.


Sorry to hear that. We will look into it.

If there’s no known bug, I may just end up deleting the app and reloading it.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem with YouTube or my LingQ account.

I’m opening videos in the YouTube app on my iPhone and pressing “share” as normal and uploading to LingQ.

When I do that, it perfectly loads to my account accessible via Safari or Chrome, but on the LingQ iOS app, only the script uploads not the audio.

Even weirder, I’m starting to get unexpected pictures associated with my files. For example, I uploaded Teppei Z and got the Layla Bite Sized Japanese icon for the file. Again, uploaded perfectly however in Safari and Chrome. The picture in Chrome/Safari is also correct as well as script and audio.

Do you have the latest app version installed?

Yes, I‘m running LingQ 5.3.2 on iPhone 12 mini

I got the same problem for about one week. The same problem was noted on iOS iPhone, but on chrome extension was fine

Thanks. We are investigating the issue.

I’m having the same issue with the audio content when I try to import a video on iOS iPhone. I press share and upload on LingQ app, followed by “import successful!“ “open the lesson now”, however, a command pops up “Generate lesson audio“ and the result is quite poor. I reinstalled the app the problem persists


I have same problem. Audio file didn’t import it, it’s already 10 day.

@gabo_ge We no longer import audio for YouTube videos. We had to stop doing so due to breaking YouTube rules. From now on, when importing from YouTube, you will get video and subtitles only.

That’s not good news, and a long meandering wait to this answer, but thank you.

Not being able to import YouTube audio is a big deal. The biggest strength of LingQ to me is (was) the ability to create playlists based on audio found on YouTube and Apple podcasts found on YouTube. LingQ playlists are faster, consolidated, and easier to manage listening content than on other apps. Oddly, making LingQ’s comes in second as a priority to me. I’m a listener foremost. The import feature of the playlists was gold to me.

I recently subscribed to YouTube Premium and I do have Apple Podcasts, so I’ll just have to get used to downloading on those two apps and bowing out of future 90 day challenges because I likely won’t be listening as much on LingQ anymore.

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