iOS app

I am having trouble with the iOS app. I am currently unable to create playlists on the app. When I try to create one, and I get to the bit where I am to type in the playlist name, the keyboard never appears and I am unable to create the playlist. Here is what it looks like

This seems to have started when I upgraded to iOS 7 on my iPhone/

@ColinJohnstone - Sorry about that! We are aware of this issue, and is an issue specific to iOS7. We hope to have a new version up soon that should see this and some other issues fixed.

Thanks. I look forward to the fixes. This iOS 7 is a bit strange. It is like my phone just got turned into cartoon mode.

@ColinJohnstone - iOS7 is definitely a bit of a change from the previous versions. I’ve been on it since the early days of the beta, and I must say that it’s definitely grown on me and I’ve come to really like the new direction they’ve taken.

I like it too, though I have only been using it for a few days. It is not as big a change as I was expecting, though some stuff is different, and everything seems much faster.

@ColinJohnstone - The latest version of the app is now up in the App Store and should resolve that playlist creation issue.

Thanks. It is working good.