iOS app not working prooperly

After a couple of weeks of usually only being able to use the LingQ app online, I reinstalled this morning.
Now I can’t log in to the app. “Please check your username and password.”

username and password are the same as the one I just used to log in here.


Hi Robert,
I am sorry to hear that you are not able to access iOS app. We did had this problem in some of previous versions, but it should work properly now. Which device are you using and which iOS version you have installed on it? Both username and password are case-sensitive so be careful while typing them.

Your hint helped. I always use my email address to log in on the web site. I thought that would work on the app, in fact I forgot you could log on with anything else.
Logging in with my username instead of my email address worked on the app.


Great, I am glad to hear that!

I am able to log in to the app, but my Chinese lessons are coming up with @ and % signs where some of the characters should be.

Hi Ginkgo58,
New iOS app version with fix for issue you mentioned is waiting for review by Apple. It should be available for download soon.
In the meantime, you can disable “Show Spacing” option to get rid of this strange simbols. Thanks for your patience!