IOS app not counting known words

I have found just recently that the app on my ipad has stopped counting known words. Is this an issue that you are aware of? Can you suggest anything to me to solve this?

I second this request, I’m experiencing the same problem for 3 days now. Actually I’ve noticed that if I use the iPad and I try to click on the blue button “I already know all the words” or something similar, my words count remains in 0, but the lesson appears as: listened 2 times and read 1 time. If I use the PC everything is working properly.

I tried the android app too which I have on my phone. That doesn’t seem to be working as far as adding to known words goes either.

Experiencing the same problem here. I can live without the word counting, but it can be difficult to remember where I was, as the sections aren’t marked as finished until I clear them on the website.

Same here