iOS app freezing

For two days at least I can’t use the app. It opens and just freezes. Anyone else with same problem? I’ve not updated to iOS 8.2 yet, still on previous version.

I’m really sorry for the trouble here.
We’re working on app update at the moment, and doing our best to get things finished up so we can launch it soon. Unfortunately, if a bug is found in the current version, we have to fix it then submit a new version for Apple to approve. We can publish it only when app is approved by Apple. Usually it takes maximum 10 days until they approve it for publishing.

Strange, it works ok for me? You could maybe try reinstalling it, if you’ve not tried that already.

Hi Redstrat, I’m the iOS developer for LingQ. Without any details, the only thing I can suggest is what neoflight78 said. What happens if you delete and reinstall from the app store?

When you say it freezes, is the entire interface unresponsive? If you tap the “Info” or “Add” buttons does anything happen?

Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like it’s working now. For a few days I could open the app but then it was unresponsive. But all good now. Cheers, Max

Hi, I’m having the same problem that redstrat was having, only after uninstalling and reinstalling the app (several times) and updating (and even ‘restoring’) my phone, the iOS lingq app still crashes every time I try to use it. Any idea when this will be fixed. Most of the time I have available for studying is when I am away from home (and sans computer), so the app is something that I would really like to be able to use. Thanks!

We’re really sorry for the trouble here! We’re working on fixing this issue, and hope to submit a new version later today or tomorrow. Apple will need few days to approve it, and we’ll release the app as soon as they do that!