Invoice Format

I feel very sorry for the poor soul that must look at all of the tutor invoices (Steve, Mark?) without a set format. I was hoping we could alleviate their stress by setting a format that all the tutors could follow. I am currently doing this:

Event:______________ Date:_____________



Time: ________ - __________

Total Minutes: ____________

What are the other tutors doing? Can we find a set format? I just want to help Steve and Mark out. What do you think?

When I started 2 month ago as a tutor I asked Mark for an example and I got a Excel-Sheet. I think it looks fine. It is very easy with the Excel-Sheet because it calculates each position and the sum.

Oh, very nice. That would be a lot better. If still available, could you or Mark send it to me?

Hi Everyone.
I have an excel invoice sheet for the tutors. Just email me at if you would like one. Jonathan, yours is on the way momentarily.