Inviting via Facebook not working?

I have shared the “referral” link to LingQ on Facebook many times and it used to work. However two of my Facebook friends joined LingQ by clicking on the link posted on FB but they didn’t appear in my referral page. What is the problem? One of these friends has joined again with a different username after I wrote him the link in a mail; I have written the link to the other friend too. Can anyone help?

If it can help, the former of them first joined as nikoberti and later again as nicolaberti, the second has joined as emaricci. Can anything be done manually?

How strange! I have logged out and clicked on the link shared on Facebook (by clicking on “Share on Facebook”): the url of the page that opens up is actually right, so I really can’t see what went wrong.

thank u michele. i can read yr posts. :slight_smile:

@mikebond - I see nicolaberti was referred by you so it must have worked for that account. I can’t explain why it didn’t work for the other accounts. If your friend doesn’t sign up when you first send them but come back directly to the site later on, that can cause the referral tag to be lost. However, we can manually add referrers if your friends email us that you were their refferrer. Keep in mind that you will only get points for referring friends if they upgrade to become paying members.

Mark, thanks for answering.
My first friend joined as nikoberti yesterday but it didn’t appear among my referrals. So I wrote him the url in a mail and he joined as nicolaberti today - and he does appear in my list now.
My second friend signed as Americas today - you see a post from her above yours.
I will ask her to write to you. What address should she use?
And yes, of course I do know I will only earn points when a friend becomes a paying member.

I will add emaricci to your referrals but it will not happen for a week or so. You can always write us at

Thanks a lot Mark. If the same problem happens again, I wíl mail you at that address, ok?

Hi Mark, I experienced this problem by sending a link with my referral code to some friends. They become members (free members), but they didn’t appear in the referral list.