Invite a Friend to Conversations

Today we added one more way to benefit from your friends on the LingQ Community. Many of you have been telling us you want to take part in full conversations with 3 or 4 people instead of shorter conversations with just 1 or 2 participants. Now, we have given you an easy way to help make that happen.

On the confirmation page after you sign up for a conversation, you are now able to invite your friends to join you. Just pick one or several friends from your list and they will receive an email with a link to that conversation. Invite your regular conversation partners or find new friends learning your language and send them an invitation. You may also receive invitations from your tutors.

As always, let us know how you like the new feature.

We can send the invitation to my freinds ONLY on the confirmation page. Usually we sign up the open conversation event and wait other participants a few days. If we can use this invitation after we signed up, it’s more useful for us.
Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Hi nobuo,

You’re right and that’s coming soon.

After we sign up the conversation event, now we can send the invitation to my friends! Good job, quick job!

Yes, as Nobuo says, we have now added the Invite a friend feature to the Conversation description when you open up any conversations in your My Conversations list on the Speak page.

Just to be clear, this tool is for inviting your friends from LingQ to join you on Conversations. You must first find friends on the Community page and add them to your friendlist before you can invite them. We recommend searching for people who are studying the language you are studying and friending them then you can invite them to join you.

In the future, we would also like to be able to invite non-members but that is in the future.

now, I spent one night at least to understand Lingq.i feel very happy !this is my first day on lingq,this is my right place to study english.I want to say thank you to steve and all of friends on lingq.let us do our best to learn what we want to learn and i wish erveryone can achieve the objectives.ok,that’s all,i need to sleep at once,very tired!bye,good dream!