Invisible Blue Words

That is the problem: I was at the last page of a lesson, and there were no more blue words at all, but when I pressed the “finish lesson” button suddenly 10 non-existent known words were added to my word count. This happened three times, at least .

That was the lesson:

I would like to share that this is a very annoying situation, because then the statistics become untrustworthy, and the sense of achievement is weakened. Has anyone else ever come across this kind of bug? Have you figured out anything to solve it, or to identify it beforehand?
Thank you!

I fixed that lesson.
Some lessons have wrong word split and needs to be re-split manually to properly highlight all blue words. It rarely happens, but if you ever notice the same problem again, please email us a lesson link.

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Thank you very much, Zoran! Is there any way I can identify lessons with this kind of problem before finishing the lesson and so avoid messing up my word count?

Hello, Zoran, sorry to bother you, but there is the same problem with this lesson:

Also this lesson I imported, 27 extra words.
Entrar - LingQ

Well, as a suggestion, I wold propose you to at least make available an option that allows the user to edit the word count. So at least if I notice the number of false known words added, I can correct the word count manually.


Thanks, fixed them both. Strange that it happened with newly imported lesson. I suggest you when importing a lesson, to resplit it before studying it, just in case.
We hope this issues will be solved when we launch new reader soon.

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Thanks, Zoran. By resplit, you mean pressing that button on the page of editing the lesson, right? Because for me, the site is the Portuguese version.

Entrar - LingQ
This one, as well.

Also this one: Entrar - LingQ

That’s right, on the edit Lessons page, on the left you’ll find the button to re-split it.

Alright, thank you, Zoran.
By the way, 67 non-existent words on this lesson:

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Hello, Zoran, sorry to bother. I found the same problem with this lesson:
Login - LingQ

Hello Zoran, I’ve also had invisible blue words in this lesson: Entrar - LingQ .
Thank you!

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Thanks, fixed.

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