Investing in your English skills for a brighter future in the international corporate job market:

The Universal Standard English [U.S.E.] is a derivative of the American Standard English for the English as a Second Language learners


Hi, I’m looking for you who wants to have an American accent? I can give you a free demonstration / trial class. I have been tutoring for almost 6 years now. Mostly Koreans, Japanese and Arabs…

I have had 2 hard working students who have successfully acquired an American accent with me. I believe that if you memorize all the English words with how the Americans would pronounce it, then you would acquire the American accent by giving you the techniques in how to acquire an American accent. I will let you understand the patterns in how the American accent works.

5 components in having the effective skill in communicating in English:

  1. Construction and Organizing one’s thought
  2. Grammar
  3. Enunciation and Pronunciation
  4. Intonation and Pitch
  5. Word Liaisons and Pacing
  6. Comprehension and Opinion / Construction

This is my presentation video: