Introducing a MP3 player

To learn languages through intensive listening, you would definitely need a ideal MP3 player. Recently I bought a Samsung K5, which makes me very satisfied, that I want to pass that happiness along.

It has a built-in Stereo, which can be slided very smoothly. So I can slide it off and set it on the floor, chair, or table while I am doing the dishes, mopping the floor, eating, or going to the toilet. It’s so handy that I could listen to improve my listening every time and everywhere. And, your body won’t be stripped by your earphone line; also, you don’t have to worry about liquid dripping down and ruin the MP3 player.

Besides, it does your ear good because you spend less time wearing earphones.

I get used to watching TV when I’m having my meals. Now I change into listening English and Japanese while I’m eating. I eat less and lose my weight(we are unaware of how much we eat while using our mind too much…best e.g.->Watching TV). I believe this kind of accumulation should be very helpful for both my English and health.

There’s only one pity that it’s not convenient to bring it while you’re doing sports. But I think it’s ok because I’d never ever listened to MP3 after I knew from the research papers that listening to MP3 while we are running or doing other sports would cause at least three times of damage to ears( because the blood are going to other parts of the body, not stay around our ears). Next time if you see your friends listening an ipod shuffle 2 while they are running, you’d better persuade them to get rid of it and suggest them a Samsung K5.

Once K5 is fully charged(by USB), it can last at most 6 hours of continuous playing by the stereo and 30 hours by earphones. Very powerful electricity.

If you’re looking for a weapon to company with LingQ, Samsung is a very good choice :wink:

Thanks for the information, Ping, I am going to look into it.

Hi Steve,
there is not only USB for lading. You can buy a cable and an electrical connector for normal socket.
I saw this was important for me when I traveled (or will travel) without PC or notebook.

If I had knows about the K5 this would have been my choice. It sounds good with extern loudspeaker!
Thanks for information!

Hi Irene777,

Some say that charging by electrical connector and cable will contribute to the problem that MP3 player is more likely to shut down. Do you agree with this saying? I planned to buy one set but stopped for that reason.

Yes, an external speaker is very useful, especially when you notice that you don’t bring your earphones out.

Hi ping
I cannot understand why this could have problems.
I use the cable only for loading the battery,not for using during this time!
For me it is important to have a loading possibility without PC because I don’t want to take the PC every time with me.
I bought my MP3 player with 2 Gig here:

it is not with loudspeaker - but it is very small and good to take with me around the neck when I go outside (with car, bus, train and so on).
Then I have a little loudspeaker an extra tool but at home it is not too bad, when it is a little greater.

Thank you for your information about transcend mp3 player, Irene777. The customer service of this is effective in Taiwan, too.