Interviews in Korean, and the copy right matter


I wanted to share some of interviews in Korean, from the Korean TV program “백지연의 피플 INSIDE”, as I found them in Youtube. (Some of them have Korean subtitles in the video - ENM CJ - YouTube)

I want to share them here in LingQ with the scripts(if not provided, I think I could do it), but I figured I would not be able to share the youtube video, or the content, in LingQ. I know I should have permission from someone who hold copyright of the content, but then, I thought of contents that already exist in LingQ library, provided directly by the concerning company.

What I want to know is that, when LingQ decides to import some of those contents from the public program, such as VOA, or NPR, etc., are there any process going on about copy right matter before hand, between the concerning company and LingQ? What should be done if LingQ wants to share those contents from the specific company?

If LingQ contacts them, will it be also possible for LingQ to contact Korean company to get their contents here in LingQ without any concern about copy right matter?

Often it’s actually our members that contact these sites or companies on our behalf. This way the member can upload and share the lessons from their own account. When sharing content, it’s always better to ask just in case. Copyright laws can be quite complicated and we’re not experts, so we encourage people to ask the copyright holder for permission before uploading anything that has a copyright attached to it. Of course, when you contact them you can also let them know that you can add a link at the bottom directing people to their site to ensure people know the original source.

Ah, good to know that… Thanks :slight_smile: