Internet use by Iphone app

I am going to Germany (going to try out what I have been learning). I need to make sure this app isn’t accessing the internet every time I turn it on. I want to use it while on the plane and overseas. So I want to download all the lessons onto the phone and then tell it to stop looking until I return. How do I do this?

You can only study lessons that you have previously opened on the app when you are online. If you have done this with all your lessons then you will have them all available offline when you are traveling.

I understand how the lessons show up on the app. That works fine. I just want to avoid huge internet usage charges. I don’t want the app to download anything once I am on the plane until I get back. How do I make sure the app isn’t using the internet while I am out of the country?

The app will connect to the internet if it can. You will have to disable wifi or your 3g connection when using the app to ensure that it is not connecting. If you have an iphone you can turn on Airplane mode to close your connections.