Internet Explorer has dropped below 50% usage

Internet Explorer has dropped below 50% usage for the first time in 10 years.

What’s your favourite browser? Have you switched browsers before?

Using Google Chrome! :smiley: I was using Firefox there for quite a while, but was having problems with LingQ. Then I switched and everything’s all better. Used Internet Explorer…like…growing up! haha…but it’s so slow…

“The greatest browser in the world. No other browser can download Mozilla FireFox like Internet Explorer.”

I use Firefox although I would switch to Chrome(ium) if I had the time to trick it out with the add=ons I like.

I stay with Firefox mainly because of the Ad Block Plus addon. Although there are plenty of websites that I have to use in my professional life that only work with Internet Explorer.

Ditto about professional life… if this factor were taken out IE would be at 10-12% on merit alone.

That 10-12% would include Microsoft employees and people who believe that the Internet explorer icon on their desktop is “The Internet” and have no idea that other web browsers exist.

I use Chrome. I never used IE after there was something better, and now I can’t stand to use it or see it used.

I was a Firefox user, but chrome is just…so much spacious, faster, stylish, and most of the add-ons I have for Firefox I can get with extensions in chrome and then some.

Honestly I didn’t even know LingQ had ads on it, until I was on a different browser one day.

I use Firefox (8 b4) and nothing else. Strange to me is that people say it’s slow. Running very nicely here! But, I guess every machine is different. 8 tabs open, 108MB memory usage. Supposedly they’ve been working really hard on making it faster, and I must say it’s become a bit snappier over the last few months. Though, everything runs fast on my computer. The only thing that slows me down is when my internet is being slow for some reason. But no browser would perform in that case.

Also, I used Netscape Navigator as my first browser. Must say I didn’t get into computers properly until about 8 years ago.

When I write websites, I don’t write for Internet Explorer. Instead, I recommend to people that they use a real browser. :slight_smile:

I use Internet Explorer. What’s the problem? It works quite well…