'International English party' discussion

Hi everyone,
Edward set up a group discussion every Sunday at 6am PST: ‘International English Party’. It sounds very interesting!
Do you want to join that group and speak all together?


It sounds very interesting. Unfortunately, the time isn´t appropriate for me. Nevertheless, if I would have time and there is space left, I will attend. I am curious about the experiences, and maybe it would be an option for German discussions.

Sorry, but this time doesn’t fit me either. In addition, as I don’t want studying English to be detrimental for my family life, I prefer not to stay in front of my computer on Sundays. However I like this idea and I could be interested in participating in this kind of discussion - depending on the schedule -

Sorry to jump into your discussion, but I hold a conversation class via skype at 3:30 Hong Kong time (GMT +8) on Mondays. We would love some people from Europe to join us. See if it works better for you than Sundays.