Internal Server Error?

I’m in a way new here and I don’t really know is there are any formalities I need to follow in order to get help with this problem; excuse me if I’m going about it the wrong way. Anyways, I continuously get an Internal Sever Error when I attempt to visit my profile and lessons (Korean lessons if that makes a difference). I am really itching to learn so new vocabulary so I was wondering if there is so way to fix this or if is the problem being sorted out right now? Thanks in advance for your answers!

@hassomin - thanks for letting us know! our developers are looking into this issue now. It should be fixed soon. Sorry for this inconvenience.

I’m also new here and having the same problem. German lessons, not Korean, in my case…

Thanks a ton! It’s all fixed for me thus far.

@hassomin - Great to hear! Happy learning! It should be fixed for @jstoddard as well

Yes, it is fixed for me as well. Thanks!