"Internal Server Error"

I would explore your website, but everytime I try to select a lesson, I have this error : “Internal Server Error”.
I tried many times this morning.
What I should do for try a lesson without this error?

I’m also getting this error message.

Im so angry, I cant add lessons, I refreshing and refreshing, and I have this error all time…

I just tried to import a French lesson through pasting, and it didn’t work. Says Internal Server Error.

I think I found a solution.

When you have this kind of URL :

You should remove the part “buy/” and click on enter (keyboard).
Now, I can see the lessons.

I can’t import a lesson today. I am getting “Internal Server Error”.

Moi aussi!

Sorry about that guys! We are already looking into it. Hope to have it fixed soon.

It should be fixed now. Let us know if you run into this issue again.