Internal Server Error

I’ve noticed LingQ is quite slow now. Whenever I try and LingQ an item, it takes 10 to 15 seconds for it to turn yellow. When I then switch to quick LingQ view, I window pops up saying “internal sever error”. Is this just my computer or is anyone else experiencing this?

Finally, when I type click on LingQ on google, a blank page opens saying, “Internal Server Error”.

I’am experiencing the same problem.

It’s whenever I click on “Lessons”, I get the error. Then again, the LingQ team probably already know that.

Description of the problem:
I click on a forum post in the right sidebar. Then a link is shown for example “” → The error message occurs.
Then I click on “Load this page again”. Then the page is loading with the link “”.

I am also getting the Internal Error message just now as I am reading through the threads. I have to press Control F5 to get to the posts I want to read.

Same problem here

Actually, after I posted my last remark I couldn’t get back to the page at all. I had to leave lingq and then go back in and press refresh before it let me look at this thread again. (Am not bothered, though!)

Wherever I click, Firefox returns me the error, until I reload the page.

It’s fine now. I seem to be able to use LingQ as normal.

Lingq has a lot of downtime compared to other commercial sites . . .
It would be nice were it not so.

I suppose we are beta-testing now.

Most language sites spend the bulk of their resources on promotion. Maybe we should, but we instead have decided to spend our resources on trying to constantly improve the site. Whenever we introduce changes, this requires a little down time, and the changes can cause problems. We test all changes in a QA server environment which cannot truly replicate the environment of the regular LingQ site. We are sorry that this causes problems. Obviously we would like to eliminate these or at least minimize them. However, we will continue working to improve the service both in terms of improved functionality and greater stability.

We did have a period when the site was more unstable and we seemed to have fixed that. The most recent unexpected down time was caused by problems at our server hosting company.

It appears the new phrase search functionality is really taxing the database and tying up resources which is making the whole site slow and causing the issues you mentioned. We are working on resolving these issues. Please be patient.