"internal server error" during attempting to add new lesson

Hola guys:)
I do have a small question:) Is there a special tool, to some how convert wikipedia contents before it going to be sent into lingq serwer as a lesson? I’m trying to create a new lesson, simply by ‘copy/past and save’ but always have a responde “internal server error”

Thank you in advance:)


@Karat555 - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! It should be working properly.

Is this happening every time you try importing a lesson? Which page are you trying to import text from? Also, is this happening in multiple browsers or just one browser?

I use firefox(only)

Here is the link Latvian language - Wikipedia

Yes, in my case it is happening everytime, I’ve been trying to create a lesson some time ago and unfortunatly with the same result:(

@Karat555 - Thanks! I’ve been able to reproduce this error and have passed it along to our development team. In the meantime, it looks like it’s something related to the formatting of the text, so if you copy and paste the text into Notepad or another word processing program, then paste it in to LingQ. This should remove the formatting and allow you to save the lesson properly.

Thanks Alex.
I’ve followed your sugestion and now its works. I think, the problem whith importing from wiki is that there is huge amount of ‘hyper links’ .


@Karat555 - Yup, it looks like it’s related to the formatting of the copied text, so filtering it through a word processor first or using “Paste and Match Style” (if you’re on a Mac) will help clear up the formatting in the meantime.