Internal errors when creating lingQs

Oh! You’ve done away with the mouseover to get definition functionality! I rather liked that.

I’ve hit a couple of problems when creating French lingQs:

  1. Apostrophes in a phrase cause internal errors. I can create the lingQ “école primaire” but get “internal error” (and the system freezing up) when I try and create “l’école primaire”.

  2. The system isn’t very good at working out where the end of a word is. If I double-click on a word the system often selects the word after as well.

  3. When I highlight a whole phrase the system often loses the last word.

None of these were happening a week ago, I guess maybe they’ve been caused by your most recent update while I was on holiday?

In Japanese (in spaced texts) it seems I have internal error in 2 out of 3 lingqs…

All of this were indeed happening a week ago (i.e. after the update), for all my languages.

hello, my Tutor.
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Hi Helen,

I don’t know what you mean by doing away with the mouseover. If you mean the blue and yellow hint popups, they should still be there. All the other selection issues have been there since the update but are worse in IE than FF. We are going to work on those as soon as we fix the Asian language issues.

Yes, I mean the blue and yellow hint popups. They no longer pop up. Well, not for me. If you haven’t changed anything in the last week then it maybe my Firefox settings have been changed by something. Possibly it was caused by me installing a Firefox plug-in? I’ll get my technical support man to have a look at it.

Oh yes, I’ve just uninstalled the add-on and the popups are popping up again. D’oh!