Internal Error.[object Object] in Vocab Flashcards

Hi folks,

Think I’ve found a bug with the flashcards handling: if I launch a flashcard from the Daily LingQs email, and play the sound for one of the words by pressing the Tab key (not by clicking on the speaker icon), if I now press the spacebar followed by enter, the flashcards “crash” giving the Internal Error.[object Object] error instead of the next word in the vocab flashcard list. Seems to be 100% repeatable. This is on Chrome on Mac OS X 10.7.

I guess the workaround for now is not to press the Tab button! Unfortunately I’m in the habit of tapping that key for speed, so I keep dropping out of my flashcard sessions :slight_smile:

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@syneryder - I took a look but don’t seem to be able to reproduce this error in Chrome on OSX. Is this still happening for you?

Hmm, it’s still happening for me, but not 100% repeatable after all. I had a Dutch LingQs-of-the-day flashcard set of 8 words, pressed Tab to speak on the first word, then the second flashcard still came up fine… but the third flashcard gave me the error.

Perhaps it’s a weird Chrome extension I’m running, I’ve got Pocket & Add To Amazon Wishlist installed. I’ll try disabling them & see if that makes it more stable.

UPDATE: Tried disabling all Chrome extensions, quitting all other running programs, rebooting, but still having issues. The only warning I can see in the Javascript Developer Console is “soundManager.getSoundByID(): Sound “vocabulary_test” not found”, but it continues running the flashcards after that, and the developer console clears as soon as I get the Internal Error so I can’t see any JS errors I can share with you.

@syneryder - Sorry about that! We just checked it on our computers, works fine for us. For how long have you experienced that issue? Would you try it in other browsers to see if that helps?

It’s only been happening for about a week, but at least 4 days now. It works fine on Safari 6.1.1 and Firefox (presumably the latest version). It’s only a problem in my Chrome.

Nevermind - as long as I use the mouse & click to play text-to-speech, or use a different browser, then everything is okay, so I shouldn’t make a big deal of it :slight_smile: It’s probably just a Chrome bug in my specific version!

@syneryder - OK, please let us know if you encounter any other issues :slight_smile: