Internal Error

I have experienced unpredictable “Internal Error” message and general slowness of Lingq for 2 or 3 days.
Internal Error 500 message can pop up after any of my activities, but not each time. It can be caused by my attempt to create or edit flash-card, load a page (Lessons, Vocabulary, specific lesson, forum thread), play an audio, download an audio etc. It can pop up even in case I don’t do anything at a page, only keep it open!

It is possible to interact with Lingq, but frequent Internal Error made the process painful. Also, I feel Lingq slow (it wasn’t so slow and often not responding earlier).

Looks like no one has wrote about it at the forum before. Does it mean that I am the only one who experiences problems described above?

I am not experiencing this. Is anyone else?

I have experienced it, too.

Sorry about that, alb! We’re looking into this and hope to have everything working well for you soon.

In the meantime, would you provide a bit of information about what browser and operating system you’re using?


Mac OS 10.7.3, Safari 5.1.3.
But I use them for, at least, a few weeks; I noticed described problems 3 days ago at the first time.
At first, I thought they are caused by my local network. But I can access any other web-page as usual.

Looks like, the speed of Lingq’ respond is slower then usual. Yesterday I had “server don’t respond” problem a few time even here, at this forum. At first, I thought this is caused by my local network. But I can access any other web-page as usual.

I am also not able to delete one of my languages (English) because of the internal error. I don’t want to try to reset my second language, French, but I suspect it wouldn’t work too.

P.S. I understand that language deleting is crazy, but I really wanted to make a test, because a mystical behavior of computers systems makes me very uncomfortable. Now I am sure that something goes wrong at server side.

Update. Just for fun, I started Chech and then attempted to delete it. I did it successfully. Something goes wrong with database, probably. Now I am stop. I hope, regular maintenance will solve the problem or your find and repair a bug.

Thanks for the additional information, that should help us better track down what’s going on here.

By the way, do you notice this problem with both English and French?

Internal error? Yes. It started happen in English first. It was so annoying that I stopped my weekly review. Because it was happening even if I just kept a tab with English lesson open. I closed English lesson and switched on French. Next day I started experiencing this problem in French.

To be clear, today I haven’t interacted with Lingq except my experiments with language deleting.

When deleting a language, there appears to be a bug that prevents you from deleting langages that you’ve submitted writing in, and is actually a separate issue to the other errors you have mentioned. We’ll add this to our list.

We are continuing to look into this issue, but are still having trouble reproducing it. Would you be able to take a screencast (using a program like Jing [Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith]) showing the error? It would really help to be able to see how you are arriving at this error. Thanks!

I would try to make a screencast later, but please take into account that it is not predictable when it happens. I feel a little worry about that you waste time because of my unproven complain.

Update. What about screenshot, by the way? Right now I did one - I got an error while trying to delete lingo from the lesson.

Update. I have catch it! How to send you a movie?

When you get an error, can you open up the Error Console and let us know what it says?

If you don’t have the Develop menu enabled yet, go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced then check the box at the bottom to enable the Develop menu in the toolbar. From here, select “Error Console” then take a screenshot of any errors that appear in here when you get the Internal Error popup on LingQ.

In console I have only ajax error : error message. But I made a screenshot and a screencast and ready to send you them - I just don’t know how to do it.

Sorry, I mean “ajax error : error 87ae6b571919.js 117”

Email the screenshot and/or the link to the screencast to support [at], or click “Help” at the top right, then “Email Support” on the right hand side.

We looked into this and it seems the issue is likely with your internet connection periodically dropping. If anyone else is having the issue of seemingly random “Internal Error” messages when creating LingQs, be sure to check your internet connection. If you still have issues, be sure to let us know and we’ll look into it :slight_smile: