Intermediate/Advanced Turkish

Merhabalar Arkadaşlar,

I’m a Canadian and have been studying Turkish for two years in Turkey and recently got onto LingQ to see what resources were available. As I’ve gone through many of the lessons and found that I need some more advanced material.

I’m curious if any of you guys have found any good audio books, ebooks, or podcasts for Turkish. I recently discovered how to import material, so I’ll start doing some resources I’m interested in, but outside of my course material I don’t have many of digital resources. I’d be happy to help pool resources together with someone who is also studying Turkish, or is interested in developing the resources on LingQ.


It depends on how advanced you are in Turkish and which topics you’re interested in. You can find tons of websites where you can download free e-books about all kinds of topics by typing “ücretsiz türkçe e-kitap” into google.