Intermediate Learners and German Trivial Literature/ Pulp Fiction

I recently became aware that Germany has been producing a wide variety of pulp-fiction in mass quantities since the early 1900’s, many of which have been converted to eBook and audio formats. Furthermore, the prices are often outstanding: usually ~$2 US for an eBook and ~$5 for audio, a combined price that matches many lower-priced graded readers… or even a good pint/ liter :). As an intermediate learner who is interested in adult-based fiction, this is a goldmine.

For example, as a fan of 60’s and 70s horror, I recently found a popular series called John Sinclair (well over 2600 issues since the 70s). One can purchase DRM-free versions of the matching eBook and audio for issues 1700 through 1749, regardless of one’s geolocation, which is not true of many German-based sites (e.g., Suchergebnisse ). Note: the other audio offerings are shortened, radio-play versions, so make sure it’s described as Hörbuch, not Hörspiel. If your discretionary income is limited, you can just purchase their eBooks (~$1.70 US) via Paypal and listen to issues 1700 to 1711 for free at John Sinclair - YouTube . Super cheap and cost effective for hours of enjoyment.

Again, there are a variety of genres: adventure, historical fiction, westerns, crime, espionage, science fiction, fantasy, and even romance. A virtual smörgåsbord of genres for fiction lovers. You can find a list of popular titles and genres @ Liste deutschsprachiger Heftromanreihen – Wikipedia .

Coupled with my other recent finding that much of adult fiction often requires the same amount of vocabulary knowledge as that of popular children’s fiction (What can readers read after graded readers, ), intermediate learners of German who aren’t interested in youth-oriented literature like Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, etc., have an opportunity that is not often present in other languages.

If you have any favorite, readily available, adult-oriented content to help bridge the gap between graded-readers and advanced literature, please share them below.


Wie sieht Marcellus Wallace eigentlich aus?

Good tip, thanks. Did you try There is also a lot of interesting content there. Also, there is a very good author, Andre Klein, who has cheap and very cool e-books with audio (for beginners and intermediates learners), for sale on and on his website.

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Very interesting thanks. Have you found anything about crimes as well?

Jerry Cotton is a very famous one (over 3300) but it appears as though there are only 4 matching unabridged audio companions for this series.

Krimi / Thriller Hörbücher - YouTube has quite a few free audio versions of complete books, some of which have eBooks you can purchase elsewhere.

Check out Liste deutschsprachiger Heftromanreihen – Wikipedia , search for “krimi”, and check out the descriptions. There are a range of crime types, so see if one of them fits your interest.


Yes, audible has great choices; however, when I can, I like to buy directly from the publisher/ author themselves, which I did with Andre Klein. His stuff is absolutely great and was a big part of my learning process.

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Definitiv cooler als ich

Wow, awesome. thank you very much.