Intermediate Chinese Podcast Course - 5 Minute Psychology

I’ve just imported ten lessons and put them into a mini-course! They’re right at intermediate, just the right length, and produced very well!

The course: Login - LingQ

Original Source: 5分钟心理学 : 生活中的心理学_第2页_免费在线收听-喜马拉雅


Really appreciate the courses you create! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support! I’ve been finding a real lack of variety here on LingQ, and nobody else seems to be actively adding to the site at the moment :frowning: …all the Intermediate 2 and Advanced stuff seem to be RSS news-based content. That’s great, but there’s so much more than news out there! Is there anyone you follow on LingQ who shares Chinese courses? I’d love to find more!

No, I am not really following anyone else, who shares content. Personally, I am currently still mostly working with TheChairMansBao, which obviously I am not allowed to share on Lingq. Regarding the Ximalaya lessons, I was not sure if we were allowed to share them here.
I am also not importing audio to Lingq until they make the audio in sync with the text. ChineseZerotoHero has this awesome feature where you can literally just click anywhere in the text and the video jumps right to that bit (e.g. With Lingq once the audio plays and you zone out for a moment, it is tedious to find the corresponding text passage again. So, I am mostly listening TheChairMansBao first and later on read the texts.

Would be great if other Chinese learners would at least share (= tell) what type of content they use (whether free or paid).

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