This looks pretty cool. I am thinking of giving it a try. Has anybody used anything like this?

For me it feels like reading a story with two not really correct languages at the same time.
It feels unnecessary to do this with books on that level. I mean, Selma Lagerlöf, the swedish book, you have to be a really book -nerd (which I am) to put your hands on that one. But the concept as well as the web design is really cool. No I dont like it, but I will probably buy it anyway.

It seems like a neat digitalization of a very ancient means of instruction. Lingq, despite its kinks, is more versatile for sure.


How was the Tolstoy?


@Colin: great find!

This approach looks like it is based on the work of the late, great Vera F Birkenbihl. Her FL teaching/learning approach stressed the importance of an initial word for word interlinear translation into one’s mother tongue in order to maximise learning.

Like @Cribbe, I might try the Swedish one. Why are Swedish books always so much dearer??? I know, I know, but…

@ elguero

I have not tried it yet. I just realised my debit card expired a few days ago, so I will need to wait a few days before I can pay for it.

@SanneT: Ha, no I wont try the swedish one, Im swedish (:
but the russian book… maybe. (but then I want to read a real translation first).

Selma Lagerlöfs book is from 1904.

@cribbe: Oooops! I like S.L. very much. I used to adore her books as a child and re-read Nils Holgersson a year or so ago and it is even better than I remembered! (Although I did read it in German, not Swedish. I have certain difficulties with Swedish!)