Interface Language not being saved when closing LingQ

Everytime I start LingQ in the browser, the interface language is set back to German (my FireFox browser is set to German aswell) but I want it set to English. I can do that in the App Settings but as soon as I close the tab (not even the FireFox browser) and start LingQ again with a bookmark, it is set back to German. This is really annoying. Any ideas? Thank you in advance, Alex

Sounds like you are opening the site with a language code in the URL set to German (DE). Make sure not to do that because that will automatically switch your interface language back to German.

I’m experiencing a similar problem. I live in Japan so the OS is usually set to Japanese, but that never happened before. I access the site using, select the language as English but as soon as I log in, the language is Japanese again. Even if I remove the “ja” for Japanese at the address and refresh, it still sets it back to Japanese. That didn’t happen before.

Just change the language code in the URL from JA to EN and that should solve your problem.

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