Interesting things of the day

This is an extremely interesting collection. Many thanks for uploading them!! As your wrote on the provider’s description, it is a really (virtual) museum of interesting things.

I have been a big fan of Joe Kissel, who provides the items of the Interesting Things of the Day. I also really appreciate since many of the ITotD contents have been uploaded to the LingQ. Thank you very much!
I used to try importing them, however I always had some trouble for importing the audio files, so I wish more and more items would be uploaded to the LingQ from now on.

Interesting things of the day is also one of my favorites.

To find an attractive article to start, for me, is very difficult. Much time are wasted while I go back and through the Store section.

Interesting things of the day provides many subjects I would like to know and the way the host speak is quite humor. Now I am focusing on this collection, too.