There are a lot of international and national sites on the Internet where millions of people share stories about their life and experiences. They also ask and answer questions, offer advice including their points of view and their opinions about everything.
In this collection I have gathered some interesting stories, opinions and ideas expressed by people from different countries, and my friend English native speaker Nerelle Poroch has helped me to correct any grammar mistakes before recording these stories for you.
I hope that these stories and points of view will be interesting for you as they were for me. I have shortened some posts where necessary and have added instances from my own experience. So let’s begin!
Here are the first podcasts from this collection:


The communist parties after the fall of the Eastern Bloc:

From my experience of living in different countries:

What we need:

Here are two new stories from the Internet that can be interesting for you:
Three habits that have changed my life:

Why is Spanish language recognized as the easiest romance language?: